Benefits of Immunity Boosting Tea

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Benefits of Immunity Boosting Tea

You may have heard of this phrase – “Prevention is better than cure.” Yes, it’s 100% true. Proactive healthcare is always a way better than reactive remedies. To make this happen, the human immune system plays an important. Stronger your immunityhealthier your life will.

Many people are unaware of how important it is to maintain their immune health, how they can boost their immune system with simple homemade medicines. So, let’s take a brief view of the basics of immune systems and ways to promote your immune health.


What does the immune system do? Why do we need to maintain immunity?

 The immune system is your body's natural resistance system. It's a complicated system of cells, tissues, and organs that unite as one to safeguard your body against internal attackers. Those attackers can incorporate microscopic organisms, infections, parasites, even fungi, all with the possibility to make us ill. They are all over – in our homes, workplaces, and outdoors.


What happens if your immune system gets weaken?

What if the immune system fails to protect? You will go from one disease to another, without the chance of recovery, and internal organs will be left unprotected. This will lead to infections that can even originate from things that customarily wouldn't hurt you.

Do you know, sometimes weakening of the immune system can be natural, which occurs due to increasing age. Older people are more resistant to diseases; their internal body becomes weak and more prone to diseases.


How to boost your immunity system?

We can boost immunity naturally by including healthy food in the diet, and planning good daily norms — there many natural ingredients which act as an immunity booster when consumed regularly with a proper schedule. Also, there are much artificial immunity enhancer products available in the market.


Generally, an immunity booster for kids is more common, which give immune power to the somewhat weaker immune system of kids. However, also the specific immunity boosters for men and immunity booster for women are available. However, until the strong need, it’s not recommended to use artificial immune booster product until we can boost immunity through natural recipes which has a long-term effect. Immunity Boosting Tea is one of the most easy-to-prepare and popular options for boosting immunity.


How do nutrients in immunity-boosting tea help our body?

Immune Boosting Tea is a home cure that will help your immune system, battle colds, facilitate a sore throat. Many nutritionists call it a "supernatural remedy" since how magical it is at soothing annoying cold and disease signs. This immune boosting tea is the best immune drink that can be easily made with very few readily available ingredients, including water! Some of the healthy ingredients and types of teas are discussed below:

  • Green Tea: We can say that immunity-boosting tea is another fancy name given to the green tea! Because green tea itself offers the bulk of benefits, including immune support. So, it has the same ingredients and procedure that we apply while making green tea.
  • Lemongrass: Lemongrass is a kind of herb which primarily found in South India and Sri Lanka, but now produced all over the World. Lemongrass provides multiple benefits such as relieving inflammation and anxiety, lowering cholesterol and prevents infection from diseases, i.e., provide immunity to the body
  • Tulsi: Tulsi is considered as one of the most holy herbs in Indian culture, as ancient Indians were well-known about the healing properties of Tulsi. Tulsi consists of many natural anti-oxidants which enhances immunity and protects from cardiovascular diseases, relieving stress, and improving blood sugar levels.
  • Cinnamon: It is a spice which is made from inner bark cinnamon trees. It protects the body from many of the diseases such as cancer and heart diseases, neurovascular diseases, and it also helps to fight HIV.
  • Ginger: Ginger tea has elevated amounts of Vitamin C, magnesium, and other minerals, ginger root is incredibly valuable for health. Ginger also helps to reduce nausea, inflammation, and improves digestion & blood circulation