13 Factors for Success of a Tea Shop

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13 Factors for Success of a Tea Shop

Running your business can be bliss if you know how to do it right. India has the greenest soil to support young entrepreneurs and blooming businesses. Statistically, only 5% on Indians are engaged in business ventured whereas a whopping 83% are more keen on having a business or shop of their own than be engaged with a corporation.

The recent global demand for tea has peaked as compared to the previous years. Tea business is blooming and can lead to a fat profit if you know what you are doing. With tea taking on a fashion for its flavours among the millennial, more individuals are now engaged in setting up smaller tea shops units across the country.  If you are determined to set up a business of your own and strive to see it succeed then there are a few golden rules you must consider before practically setting up your business.

  1. Location of Tea Shop: Choosing the location of your business of primal importance. The audience you wish to target and the age group of you focus must be decided for you to be able to make a tea shop business plan and strategize everything accordingly. You need to decide whether you wish your business to be near a crowded place something like a bus stop, near to a university, in an industrial zone or in a place where there are not many shops. This will determine the density of crowd you will be able to pull, thus influence your business accordingly.


  1. A Proper accessibility and Seating arrangement: Your shop should have sufficient place for customers to sit, also park their vehicles. You must make it convenient for your customers to wait for their favourite beverage. It is your responsibility to make their entire experience smooth and hassle free. The more customers friendly your approach is, the more you customers will long to come back and support you in the long haul.


  1. All Legalities are a Compulsion: You must make sure your tea shop business complies with all legal formalities and abides the law. As a business, you must acquire licences for sale, quality and hygiene. You must pay your taxes and fulfil all your obligations towards owning a business in our country.


  1. There is No Trust Greater than Quality: You should be conscious of the quality of product which you let go off to you customers. Your customers have chosen your shop by putting a lot of trust in you. Thus, doing right to them should be your one and only priority. You must not use adulterated products. Corrupting what you serve to your customers might not only breach the trust bestowed on you, but also cause several side effects in their bodies.


  1. Reasonable Price: The business market is like a field of war. Ever competing, ever changing. Even though quality should be your primary focus, its prices should be a close second. That is how to make money with tea shops. The market is saturated with similar kind of shops with alterations in blends, filter, price and quality. Not many are able to keenly distinguish between these ends up buying what seems lightest on their pockets.


  1. Keeping a Wide Variety of Products: In order to determine what kind of products you must stock, analysing your customer base first becomes important. Depending on the popular preference and taste, you need to stock up your tea stall with various types of tea that cater to different age groups and lifestyles.


  1. Should Maintain Hygiene: From sorting your tea, preparing it and then finally serving it – the entire procedure must be thoroughly monitored to maintain safety and hygiene norms. The kitchen must be disinfected and hygienic to prevent any contamination that might lead to food poisoning or stomach upsets. The preparation and service must be done with gloves, masks and hair nets to abide by all safety confirmatory norms.


  1. Keeping Some Additional Snacks and Goodies: Why just keep tea? Add a rack of shelves filled with some cookies and cakes and other snacks to pump up your sales making a profitable tea shop business. Having varieties will lure your customers into trying something new every time they visit you. They will be buying tea along with something complimentary.


  1. Monitor Customer Satisfaction: Customer is king!  If you consider what you customer wants, they will keep coming back for more.  Every product, every blend needs to be tried and tested. Ask your customers what they would like to see improved. In terms of taste, flavour, preparation or service, there is always scope for improvement. Do as advised and your hard work will never go unnoticed.


  1. There Is No Joy in Stating OUT OF STOCK: You should maintain sufficient stock and should not run out of products on the menu. A customer might come to you with plans and expectations, turning them away will lead to disappointment and reflect badly on your professionalism. Keep your inventory stocked with the hot stuffs at all times.


  1. Maintain A Good Ambience: When you start a tea shop keeping a clean and clear ambience gives the customer a sense of quality and satisfaction. Everyone likes to buy from a place which is well kept and maintained. If you care about your start up tea shop, you must show it!


  1. Make Yourself Known: You should spend on making your brand popular. Advertising and marketing for long term growth is a great option to boost your business. The more you market, either traditionally or digitally, the more people will be aware of your product. If your approach is interesting, they will come down just to try and if you prove worthy, they will stay!


  1. Your Impression Counts A Lot: Most important in maintaining a business is good service. It is always attractive to engage with employees who are groomed neat and tidy. Receiving a good service always reflects positively to your business and brand. Let your customers remember you! 

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